Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Friends Old & New

Well, it's been an odd month, we had to say goodbye to Patch our Springer Spaniel, she succumbed to kidney failure and went down hill very quickly.  Her sister is our worry now as they had never been parted.  She has developed an ear infection and has been rather withdrawn.  She doesn't want to interact with any  other dogs at the moment and will walk in the opposite direction rather than make contact with her old friends.  Fortunately a visit from the grandchildren helps to get her old tail wagging.

The long tailed tits decided to move on else where.  We had a bit of a cold snap the beginning of the month and the obviously decided that April Cottage wasn't the place for them.

I have been putting larger pieces of fruit out for the birds and was surprised at how quickly whole pieces were disappearing.  Initially I thought it perhaps Jays were feeding but it turns out we have a family of squirrels moved into the bay trees at the top of the garden.  They have been spotted feeding on the sunflower seeds so I suspect that is who has been eating the bulk of the fruit.

We hope to Foster some parakeets soon, just waiting for home checks and if sucessfull  I will post some pictures of our new babies.

Well off now to play hide and seek with the Boars at nthe end of the road while I take Suzie for the first of her morning walks.
Keep well all, until next time x


  1. My sympathy goes out to you, your family and Suzie at the loss of Patch. . . I had cats who were siblings and the sister so mourned the loss of her brother. . . I felt so sorry for her. All I could do was love her more than ever.

  2. Hi Paula, Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you are all well and the weather is kind to you there in the USA. It's a bank holiday here and as usual we have had rain most of the day. However it hasn't stopped Suzie haveing a few walks.
    Keep well, Jayne x

  3. Just catching up in Blogland and so sad for you ..... losing a lovely pet is just so heartbreaking. They bring such happiness and then it is tragic when they are ill and pass on. Keep your pecker up. x