Saturday, 26 September 2009

What a great day, went to Cheltenham to the Veggie Roadshow with Katie *(number 4),
I was really pleased as I was able to get some sprouting seeds that I have been unable to purchase locally. Then into Cheltenham shopping. It was so much easier shopping knowing that I was committed to the 365 day challenge. However I had as stroll around Vinegar Hill, Laura Ashleys' and Whittards just to glean some ideas and be smug regarding the amounts I was saving! Barnardos books is a great store, unfortunately today they didn't have anything suitable, but we were able to buy some wool from Mind (2x50gram balls of Sirdar at 50p a ball) bargain.
This evening we had a big family gathering to celebrate Baileys 10th birthday. She is the eldest grandchild and growing very quickly.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Off on the thrift trail.....

So... went into Monmouth today in an attempt to find something in the charity shops to use as decoupage for my boxes. Unfortunately not much luck on that front so I am hoping to have more sucess on the Boot front Sunday. Meanwhile, the boxes are all sat half naked on top of the freezer.

I have started xmas presents and am currently crocheting a dolly's blanket for my cousin. I have had some good luck with this as my mum had a sort out and gave me some part balls of wool. Hopefully this will be completed over the next few days. I did however purchase a metre of ribbon at £0.27 to thread through it, (I think this is allowed as it's a gift). Another good buy today was a patons knitting pattern/booklet with five attractive cardigans (red cross £0.50p). I will start knitting for the grandkids for xmas. I just hope they will like them.

365 day challenge officially commenced 21st September 2009

All set and ready to go. I was so impressed with dottie angels challenge that I decided to have a go. Being an avid booter and ebayer, it won't entail a great deal of hardship for me either!! So this week I decided that my magazines needed sorting, the containters were Ikea and looking a little jaded as I hadn't got around to doing anything with them..... Enter Andy, the ever suffering husband who is a great DIY'er but even better in this situation..... a hoarder. He managed to turn up some tins of paint that were purchased for a project that didn't materialise (I think will prove to be a good source of handouts over the next 12 months). So keen to start I rounded up all my shoddy boxes and....

Here are a few of the boxes I hope to transform......


Even Darcy was surprised! ..........

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Its all so green

It was a beautiful day so I decided to take my camera into the forest. There is a little hint of whats to come, some of the beech are just showing signs of that early yellow that tells us autumn is only around the corner. Chelsea and I decided we should pick some blackberries before the birds had cleared the last of them. I had aspirations of making some pots of bramble jelly and perhaps a nice crumble to finish off tea. Unfortunately Chelsea had other ideas !

One of several fence posts no longer used but aged very well, the textures are soft and have mellowed with the forest weather.

These old boys have matured with me over the years, they remind me of centurions stood to attention lining my route home.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Tasselled up...

Had a good morning shopping, Dunelm were the stars of the day. I bought some tassels and they couldn't have matched the material better if I had made them myself ! Total cost for three runners including material.. £8.14 bargain

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Well, It's been one of those days, discovered I didn't get a job I interviewed for yesterday, came second again (story of my life!). So to cheer myself up I got the sewing machine out. I'm a bit of material hoarder and in amongst my collection I found a sample curtain I bought years ago. It's a gold material possibly Monkwell. Anyway with a little snipping and stitching I managed to get two bed side table runners and a larger runner to cover an old set of pine drawers. Off to Dunelm tomorrow to get some gold tassels to finish them off and then I will be able to photograph them and put on the site.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Canvas complete and ready to go....

Finally we have painted the rooms and the furniture is back in place. All we have to do now is agree the colour schemes. Im not to daunted by this though and am looking forward to choosing new duvets and throws. So far gold or Wedgwood blue are at the fore. I’ve had a few good purchases at our local car boot and bought two gold mirrors. I think I will paint them though as they differ in styles and are several shades different

Sept 7th house is morphing

It’s been another busy day with all hands to the deck but we are getting closer to normality. The bedrooms are almost finished, Andy put the finishing touches to the paint work today and the storage seems to be coming together. We managed to find storage boxes that will make full use of the ‘underthebed space’. Enough room for all the surplus bedding, duvets and curtains. It’s sad really that something as mundane as that makes my day. I really must work harder to find a full-time job and get back to work!! morphing