Saturday, 26 September 2009

What a great day, went to Cheltenham to the Veggie Roadshow with Katie *(number 4),
I was really pleased as I was able to get some sprouting seeds that I have been unable to purchase locally. Then into Cheltenham shopping. It was so much easier shopping knowing that I was committed to the 365 day challenge. However I had as stroll around Vinegar Hill, Laura Ashleys' and Whittards just to glean some ideas and be smug regarding the amounts I was saving! Barnardos books is a great store, unfortunately today they didn't have anything suitable, but we were able to buy some wool from Mind (2x50gram balls of Sirdar at 50p a ball) bargain.
This evening we had a big family gathering to celebrate Baileys 10th birthday. She is the eldest grandchild and growing very quickly.


  1. Hi Jayne-Marie

    Try Newent for some lovely patterns. Where the Shambles museum used to be there is now a small shopping village with independant sellers taking over what were the museum display shops. There are a couple of wool shops, which have lovely patterns, and one Pins & Needles, sells wool from sheep on May Hill.

    Thanks for joining in the Handmade Christmas Swap, will be in touch soon after 15th October, to let you know who you have been partnered with.


  2. Hi Jane Marie just became your first follower.Isee you have entered the xmas swap so have l, how exciting l have just madee the card my first one ever had to get that bit out of the way as l am not very good at that particular craft.Could you explain the 365 day challenge for me as l don't have a clue oh and the wool sounds like a great bargain enjoy the rest of your weekend hugs Pat.

  3. Hi K,
    Thanks for letting me know about Newent, we went there last week to the 3 Shires garden centre but I have never been to the museum display area. Somewhere I will be checking out on my next visit! Looking forward to the swap, Im hoping for some help with the cards as Katie has been making cards for a while now and I am sure will be a good source of supplies as well as enthusiasm and ideas. I’m sure when I know who I am paired with I will get some inspiration as far as their gift. Great idea and it looks quite popular already.

    Jayne x

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for being my first follower; I don’t feel quite so alone now. The 365 day challenge was set by dottie angel. She decided that she was not going to buy new for her home or wardrobe for 365 days. There are a few exceptions but check out her blog page for full details. Already quite a few have signed up to support her and are going to give it a try. I’m looking forward to the challenge and am pleased with myself I am upping the stakes a little as I am trying to get as many craft supplies from the car boots and charity shops as possible also. These will be used to make some of my xmas presents. Though with eleven children I won’t have the time to make things for all of them! Thanks again for joining as a follower, please pop by any time.
    Have a good weekend
    Jayne-Marie x

  4. I have also joined Dottie Angel's challenge, and have just come by to say hello, and good luck this year! It will be really interesting to see how everyone else is managing, and to share ideas!

    Pomona x

  5. I too have joined in the challenge and isn't it nice to not buy things? It's just a quick 'no' to ourselves and that's it. I'm looking forward to finding out new ways to do things and cheaply too.

  6. Hello there fellow challengee! I agree that it's quite 'freeing' so far, isn't it? On Saturday we're hoping to get some seeds or plants (or whatever) at a local Vide Jardin, which is a kind of gardeners' thrift sale, for surplus bits and bobs. I think that will fit well within the challenge, but of course we don't know what we'll find...

  7. Hi Jayne-Marie
    I will send a comment to your swap partner too- as you say she may be on hols. But I will also try to match you with another partner. There seem to be a few people in the mix at the mo, so one way or another (Blondie!) you will have a penpal!
    I was pleased to see you are a fan of Rebecca, by Daphne DM. It is one of my top favourite books and I have to read it every year or so- it is always a joy to read. I will also look at the suggestion you gave to Gemma, as I've not read that one either.
    Happy days to you
    Denise x

  8. Hello again!
    I've just looked at the original comment which your swap partner left for me about joining the swap, and it has some contact details. So here is the comment in full:

    I am enjoying your recently discovered blog. I would love to join the letter swap initiative. It would be of greaty interest to me to exchange letters with someone from Wales if possible.


    I hope this helps, Jayne-Marie. These links could be easier to persue!
    Denise x

  9. Thanks Denise for your help,
    I will contact my swap through the links. Please do read The Kings General, The only book I've read that had me in tears! She was such a beautiful writer.