Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ethics and wool purchase.

I have been quite stringent as regards to purchases (not only wool) but food and supplies. Its not a new thing with me, since I married in 1974 I have always insisted: buy british and only further afield if the product wasn't available locally.
However, having watched Kevin Mcleouds programs based in India and the standards of living and conditions the people are living in I wonder if my policies have been correct. To see how these people work for £1.00 a day and their conditions, makes you reconsider priorities in life. Perhaps we should re-consider the whole ethical principles currently adopted by the middle classes of the UK and look at the whole picture ?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Well I had intended putting a picture of our new roller blind just finished with a little help from himself, however I got a little diverted by a beautiful Orchid which has just come into bloom. This was bought as a birthday gift June 2008 for me and it flowered continually for around 12 months. After a few months rest it has blossomed again.
Anyway back to the blind. Having looked around at the prices for a 2mtr roller blind (and the 365 day challenge) I decided to buy the material from ebay (£17.50) and have a go at making my own. We cannibalised the existing blind and a few hours later a new dotty blue and white blind. Unique and a third of the price.