Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ethics and wool purchase.

I have been quite stringent as regards to purchases (not only wool) but food and supplies. Its not a new thing with me, since I married in 1974 I have always insisted: buy british and only further afield if the product wasn't available locally.
However, having watched Kevin Mcleouds programs based in India and the standards of living and conditions the people are living in I wonder if my policies have been correct. To see how these people work for £1.00 a day and their conditions, makes you reconsider priorities in life. Perhaps we should re-consider the whole ethical principles currently adopted by the middle classes of the UK and look at the whole picture ?


  1. Hmm. It's a good question, and not easily resolved. I've always had the opposite approach but there are questions about that too. My motto is 'always buy Fair Trade' and, although that answers a lot of the issues you raise, it doesn't deal with problems such as air miles, and, as you say, supporting British business is both ethical and environmentally friendly. But SOOO expensive!

    May I perhaps mention your question on my blog and see what my various friends think of it, please? (With a good link to you, obviously.) It's particularly pertinent at the moment because Country Living has just launched its Buy British campaign so I've been reflecting on it a lot.

    PS I can't see your second picture for some reason.

  2. Hi Floss,
    By all means, any actions that may highlight ethical and humanitarian issues can only be positive.

    Kind regards Jayne

  3. Thanks, Jayne - I'm running late on doing this but I'd still like to quote you when I get round to writing a post about ethical shopping, and Buying British. I'm going to have a look at your One World, One Heart post now!

  4. Thank you for visiting and for your comment on my blog! The only place I'd like to visit is the UK! We used to travel there yearly before having children, now we haven't been back since. As for Cape Cod, yes - it is a very picturesque place, especially the north side of Cape Cod along the Old King's Highway (that's where all the old Sea Captains homes are, which are now B&B's, antique shops, and private residences). =)

  5. It does need thinking about; it is hard to know what the right balance in life is.