Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Things I will do for a free ride........

Well I've had an eventful few weeks.  Went to Plymouth over Easter for a short break, had a great time as always and returned back to work after the Easter Break.  That's when it all went wrong.  I had a massive rush of pain which resulted in me almost collapsing in the works car park!.  To cut a long storey short I ended up going by ambulance into hospital with suspected stomach ulcers and am awaiting a scan to confirm the doctors suspicion of gall stones.  Coupled with my frozen shoulder, tinnitus and Meniers I really do feel a wreck at the moment !!
To pass the time I have been reading (unfortunately the shoulder has put pay to any craft work or knitting!).

I'm sure it will all pan out OK soon, but I get very impatient and want to get better NOW ! Meanwhile I think I should get back to taking a few pictures and catching up with all the lovely blogs and ideas waiting to be discovered in blog land.
Love to all, keep well
Jayne x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tilda Bunnies


Rather than an Easter Egg I bought this book from Amazon.  It is full of great makes including hens, Bunnies, Geese, hearts.  We have started on a goose  and I have been busy making her pantaloons.  I hope she is as pleased as we are so far.