Sunday, 1 April 2012

OFf to the Car Boot

Well, taking advantage of the lovely weather Katie (my daughter) and I decided to go to the local car boot with Dad.  Katie has just obtained a three month teaching post and wanted to get some books for the children.  I was just going along for the exercise.  Dad loves going to socialise with all his friends and catch up on the gossip.

Katie had a successful morning and obtained six as new books for £1.00. I bought this bright biscuit barrel for £1.50 and had a mug thrown in for free. It was new and still had the stickers on the bottom.

I also bought two pictures (for the frames) They are quite ornate and I was thinking of colour washing them and adding some new pictures to hang in my study.  They were a bargain price of 0.50p each.

You really can meet some colourful characters at the local boot sales, but today capped it all.  One young couple were selling their items (very cheaply I hasten to add) and had a 'customer' who was interested in a children's 100 piece jigsaw.  She asked if it was all there, and the response was yes.  To which the customer replied, you don't mind if I count it then and sat and counted every piece to ensure she was getting her 20p's worth !!  Too much time on her hands if you ask me

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