Friday, 27 July 2012

It's been a while, but lots have happened over the past months.  We are now the proud parents of two Sun Conures Fizzy and Ollie. They really are beautiful all be it a bit noisy!  Last week Rupert the blue budgerigar joined us and today we are collecting two further parrots which we are fostering for a bird charity.  All in all they keep us busy and very entertained (no need for television now!).  Suzie, our springer adores their company and will sit for hours wagging her tail and watching their antics.

I have been trying to knit some plucking vests for re-sale with proceeds going to the charity, unfortunately the prototype didn't go too well so back to the drawing board with that.  I have also bought some fun fur to make some hammocks for the birds to sleep in, so my craft work, while it has been neglected over the past months will now have a fresh purpose.  Happy weekend to you all
Jayne xx


  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

    Vico @ sewa mobil

  2. Hope all is well. I haven't been blogging for so long but just catching up again. x