Thursday, 1 October 2009

Xmas Past.....

I was getting all nostalgic about my childhood Christmases and in particular the trips with mum each year to Debenhams to chooses new glass baubles for our tree. Remember the ones? Just look at them and they would shatter into minute sharp slithers. Some were quite beautiful elongated droplets with bulbous centres and smothered in glitter, some for obscure reasons known only to the producers were shaped like pipes (the smoking kind), ducks? bells or Santas (ok I get that).

Anyway, in view of my 365 day challenge and the wish to get back into the spirit of a traditional tree this year, I went onto Ebay this evening to see if I could find anything suitable…….

Imagine then the horror to discover that many of the baubles currently used on my tree are classed as Vintage? Either Vintage is getting younger, or I am seriously due a tree overhaul!

Some of the trimming on offer are scary and I think should carry health warnings, especially if there are young children or elderly parents visiting over the festive period. So what I thought is we should start a bad taste trimmings feature. One of the best places to start is Ebay!!

If anyone can find anything garish and inappropriate to hang on a tree, post a copy here! for us all to see... How’s that for a challenge, all done in the best possible taste…… How many days to go?


  1. I think quite a few of my decorations would count as vintage - and certainly a very large proportion are handmade, going back to nursery school days. I do remember lametta in my childhood - can you still buy that? Perhaps that, too, is vintage on Ebay, at which point I will know that I am very old!

    Pomona x

  2. Hi Pomona,
    I make no apologies for having a toilet roll with wings and a squiffy face on the top of my tree for many years! It was made by one of my daughters at Nursery. It was only at their insistence we had a 'proper' angel on the tree and she was eventually relegated to the window cill. I couldn't possible get rid of her altogether! lametta, forgot all about that. I havn't seen itin the shops for ages, so you could be right, we need to check the buyers guide (ebay!). best wishes Jaynex