Friday, 25 September 2009

Off on the thrift trail.....

So... went into Monmouth today in an attempt to find something in the charity shops to use as decoupage for my boxes. Unfortunately not much luck on that front so I am hoping to have more sucess on the Boot front Sunday. Meanwhile, the boxes are all sat half naked on top of the freezer.

I have started xmas presents and am currently crocheting a dolly's blanket for my cousin. I have had some good luck with this as my mum had a sort out and gave me some part balls of wool. Hopefully this will be completed over the next few days. I did however purchase a metre of ribbon at £0.27 to thread through it, (I think this is allowed as it's a gift). Another good buy today was a patons knitting pattern/booklet with five attractive cardigans (red cross £0.50p). I will start knitting for the grandkids for xmas. I just hope they will like them.

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