Sunday, 21 February 2010

Study or Store Room !!

Last weekend was spent chasing around for some new shelves to match existing ones in the study. Fortunately a 60 mile round trip and 5 minutes before the store closed we located some.. So for a few days, at least I have a few empty shelves... rarely known in a house of hoarders!! This also gave me the opportunity to re-arrange my wool stash which is now displayed and waiting to be transformed.

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  1. Amazing shelves! I also love your pandy and have some gloves made of that recycled silk - very, very warm...

    Thanks for your comments on my giveaway. Your blog is not boring at all! I get as much pleasure reading it as every other one I visit - you have an intersting life and it's lovely to pop into it. The reason I have more followers is probably because I post nearly every day (for my mum as it happens) and visit other bloggers and leave comments on a nearly daily basis - anyone with a lot of followers is probably pretty active in blogging, and maybe you have too much of a life to be doing that! The other way to meet more people is to join in swaps (hard work in my opinion), events like my Lent one and the thing that brought us together - the Utmost Challenge! I can see that a good number of my followers have appeared through links like that.

    If you look at this link from Luisa, a Tasmainain who's also doing the Challenge, you'll she SHE has a link to a list of Top Ten blogging hints which are very practical and sensible: