Sunday, 21 February 2010

Study or Store Room !!

Last weekend was spent chasing around for some new shelves to match existing ones in the study. Fortunately a 60 mile round trip and 5 minutes before the store closed we located some.. So for a few days, at least I have a few empty shelves... rarely known in a house of hoarders!! This also gave me the opportunity to re-arrange my wool stash which is now displayed and waiting to be transformed.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Emergency Surgery

Meet Pandy. He has been my soul mate since 1957. I have had guilt feelings about his inability to see the world as we do for quite a while, but time has been against us. Last weekend I decided enough was enough and after a visit to ebay to get a new shinny set of eyes I decided to go all out and perform open head surgery. I think the result was reasonably good and although I am not an expert Pandy can now enjoy television and simply watching the world go by........

I have been spending most of the winter knitting beanie hats. The two above are my latest. The one on the left has a brim made from 100% silk. The silk is the remnants from a silk factory. The threads are collected by Nepalese women who hand spin the fragments to make the yarn. It is quite heavy to work with but I was happy with the results knowing that it is unique and will not only make a friend warm but contribute to better conditions for the women who work hard to provide for their families in difficult conditions. I hope you like the results.