Wednesday, 21 July 2010

la dolce vita

So just returned from another break. This time we spent 5 days in Rome.  What an experience.  Katie (my number 4) decided she wanted to do something different for her 21st.  The weather was kind to us, though a little too hot at times.  We met some great people and visited some amazing buildings and archaeological sites.  So here's just a few pictures.....
                                                    Katie and Boo outside the Coliseum

Piazza Novano Typical.  Hubby was asked to take a picture of myself and mother-in-law in front of the water feature.  if you look closely you can just see the tops of our hats.  Intentional me thinks!!

                    Trevi Fountain - Beautiful and it was like a magnet to all the visitors both day and night


  1. I sooooo remember my trip to Rome & Florence & standing in front of the Trevi fountain & the Vatican & all of it was amazing!!!
    So glad I happened upon your beautiful blog. I look forward to follow along with you on life's many adventures!! :)

  2. Hi Susie,
    Thanks for dropping by. We were so inspired by Rome. It was our first visit into Italy (apart from a day trip to Ventimiglia). and we hope to eventually go into Tuscany and I hear Florence is beautiful so hopefully we can get a trip there. Any tips would be appreciated.


  3. Oh, I have only been at the Rome airport because we were flying to the south of Italy. We do want to return one day. My brother-in-law and his family will be there for 3 weeks this summer visiting his wife's family.

  4. We are all francophiles traveling and living there over a period of 19 years. However. Having visited Rome this year it really will be our next 'favourite place' We are already talking about going to Tuscany and Florence. Just can't get enough of the Italian culture at the moment. You really must get something organised and go. Don't put it off.
    Thanks for popping by x

  5. Your photo of the Trevi Fountain reminds me of the day I spent viewing the Vatican and then stopped and soaked my feet in the Trevi Fountain. I haven't thought of that in years. Thank you for bringing that memory back!