Sunday, 11 July 2010

No holiday to Cornwall would be complete without a trip up St. Michaels Mount. Though I must admit as the years roll by I take a little longer each time to get to the top!!

But what a view, well worth the huffing and puffing!!
Last time we visited they were repairing the roof areas. This now looks really good and as well as the roof/floor the stone work has been cleaned and re-pointed. It all looks so good. And how many other historic buildings are there with a church on the top terrace/roof? It is small by quite cosy.

Some spectacular seed heads

I just loved the texture of this moss covered bark. The tree was very old and gnarled.

The above were taken in the National trust gardens at Trellisik on our recent trip to Cornwall. What a great time we had, beautiful weather and we just beat the hustle and bustle of the summer school holidays.


  1. Thank you so much for your comment it means so much to me and to know that things can be positive and that you and your sister have come through this. Your holiday looks wonderful by the way.

  2. Have just found you will enjoy following your blog.

  3. Oh what a wonderful opportunity to take on a vacation to Rome. Your pictures are lovely. I hope one day I get to visit Rome and to see all of the old architecture and stained glass church windows etc...

    I found you on Blogfrog. Nice to meet you.

    Lee Ann