Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Visitors

We are very fortunate as living next to a forest we get a lot of visiting birds call by some for the season some stay only a few days to re-fuel on their long trip south.  This year however, we have just had some long tailed tits move into a large conifer just yards from the house.  And to think. we were intending cutting this tree down last autumn because of its size.  Here's hoping our visitors produce a brood as large as the mum below.


  1. Oh my goodness just look them all! Wow,

    Sarah -x-

  2. Hi Kim & Sarah,
    Thanks for calling by. Yep, it's no wonder the poor mum looks so ragged. And that's the easy part, imagine if they all stayed at home until their teens (or bird equivalent) pandemonium !!

  3. We have a flock that passes through our garden. They are such beautiful birds (when not looking so ragged!). Must be one of my favourite garden visitors, so sociable and chatty!

  4. They r so cute, They look like toffee apples on sticks with the long tails! I went to close my bedrom curtains tonight and there is a heart with wings marked on the window. I think a collar dove has flown into the window Duhhh. Same thing happened last year while we were sat in the lounge. Made us all jump. Fortunately the bird flew off all be it a bit dazed. There is no sign of random feathers or k'od birds in the garden so hopefully all is well.