Sunday, 23 January 2011

Chocolate Cakes

Well managed two cakes a chocolate doughnut and a chocolate slice.  Ok i suppose for a first attempt but with another 19 to go I need to get my skates on.


  1. Cute! They turned out so great!

  2. I just LOVE making the cake/pie slices. I stuffed my donut to much when I made it, so will have to try again.

    Now, the question . . why do you need 19 more? Did I miss a post?

  3. Great cakes ,good enough to eat happy knitting.

    Hugs Pat

  4. Well. I recon you need at least 10 on a cake stand. I wanted one myself and when I was talking to my daughter about it she said she would relly like a stand and cakes too. It's her birthday the end of March so I thought it would make an ideal present. While making these my other daughter asked me to make her a pink doughnut. So 19 more!!

  5. Numbers have just gone up again. Daughter no. 3 has decided she NEEDS some for her school activities!

  6. wow they look good enough to eat well done

  7. Hello Jayne,
    Well I think these are terrific. I agree you do need more. have you seen my cake stand in my Conservatory. I bought my cakes from a garden centre, I didn't make them, but they look so pretty. definitely need quite a few of them.
    Well done I think they are great!
    Hugs Suex

  8. Hi Miss Jayne!

    I Have missed your blogging. Maybe this will get you started again.

    I LOVE your blog and find your postings very interesting. For this fact, I am "Paying it Forward" by awarding you a Stylish Blogger Award.

    Please visit my blog and pick your award up and then you too can Pay It Forward :0}


  9. Hello there! I found your blog through the Dean Heritage web site. It's nice to read a fellow forest blogger!!

    Nice blog x