Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why Not Take A Walk With Us?

What a beautiful day it has been today.  The sun was out with avengence. My youngest grandaughter spent the morning with Katie & I. So we went for a walk with 'the girls' Please join us on our ramble.

This is one of a few Beech trees remaining.  Our village is called Coalway.  Apparently there were several avenues of beech which lined the walks to the local coal and iron ore mines.  Several saplings now exist but only a few of the original trees remain.  This majestic one is only a few hundred yards from our home.  It marks all the seasons with an aray of colour ranging from acid green in the spring to burnt copper in the autumn.  

As always the girls are keen to get out in the forest 

While the sun was shining and it was relatively warm there were still signs of last nights frost. 

I hope you enjoyed our short walk as much s we did


  1. I like the name Coalway . . .do they still mine anything?

    The girls look great. Have they adapted well to living with you? They sure look like it.

    And, again THANK YOU for the book. It has lots of fun stuff in it. I remember the designer from when I worked in a needlework shop . . oh, those were the days I loved :0}

  2. Nice little walk on a crisp, sunny day - those are my favorite days ...the girls must've had a good time too...

  3. Hi Paula & Doris,
    The mines in our immediate area have been closed a long time. However There are 'Free Miners' in the forest. If you were born within a fixed boundry and worked the mines for a specific number of days you have the right to mine for coal. We have one such mine around 3 milese from us. The coal is good and gives a good heat. My husbands friend works it on weekends. We also have a permit and can collect wood for the fire. So it all helps to keep the heating bills down.
    The girls have adapted realy well and they are getting a waiste line now. Both of them are running too which they couldn't do when they first arrived. It's so good to see them blossoming.