Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kitchen Update

Following a flood in the kitchen diner last summer we decided to re-model the kitchen.  Hope you like the results.  

Still a bit of tickling around the edges to be done but we are pleased with the result so far.  We find that we are using the kitchen much more to congregate now the table has been put in the centre of the room.

 I have also added a few pictures of my favourite plates and pots which now live on the welsh dresser.

The plate in the back ground was made for me last christmas by my grandaughter so of course it takes pride of place.


  1. I do like your remodel . . so crisp and clean. But, I have a question . . . what is a Welsh dresser?

    I have, what is called, a Hoosier cabinet which was a dresser with a cutting board, porcelain (over metal) slide out top, a hutch on top that, at one time, would have had a flour sifter under one of the sections. They were, basically, the kitchen caboinets of my grandmother's generation, in the early 1900's.

  2. Hi Paula,
    A welsh dresser is usually made up of a closed cupboard with open shelves above it to displacy plates. I will take a photo and post tomorrow night if you promise to call by.
    Meanwhile here is a link to a random one on ebay:

    Have a great evening. Off to bed now Jayne xx