Friday, 17 February 2012

What a Week.... What a year !

Well it has been problems from the start of the new year.. I didn't think it could get any worst but I was wrong.  This week gushing water called us all in to the lounge to discover the shower tray had split around the waste plug sending cascades of water into the lounge.  Buckets, dehumidifiers and stacked furniture set the scene for a few days.  Today I have been trying to locate a reasonably priced new bathroom suite, not as easy as you would imagine.   Then my youngest daughter's car broke down right on the traffic lights a few villages away and himself has spent the evening trying to dismantle the car to fit a new clutch !!  Having only just recovered from mending daughter number two's car, which had a broken crank shaft.

Add into the evasion two of my five children going through divorces (with 6 children between them), me awaiting redundancy and I just wonder what else can go wrong.  No wonder I haven't got any time to spend blogging and crafting.  If only..... In an ideal world!

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  1. My heart goes oout to you . . . you, and himself, will do anything fir your children, but we all need a break to do what makes us happy :0}