Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another Christmas item to knock off the to do list.....

I enjoy making smaller items and decided to make a cowl for a lovely little girl who lives in the next village  for Christmas.  The inspiration and design came thanks to Helen who made something similar.  I decided to use a mohair trim and the body of the cowl was in two ply.  I hope it will be well received.


  1. Hello!
    I hope you are keeping warm!
    Freezing here.
    I'm sure the cowl will be very well received. Beautiful colour. I also love the leg warmers. I think socks must be really difficult to make. I would never even dream of having a go.
    Love the photo on your header.
    Love Suex

  2. Thanks Sue, The picture is a few steps away from our front gate. We really take for granted where we live. Unfortunately we have several wild bores moved into the woods by us so I am reluctant to go walking on my own any more. Such a shame as they have driven the deer further into the woods and before they would wander by our garden in the early hours of the morning.

  3. I do love your blog, always so interesting, thanks for sharing.. :))

  4. Your header is just like a post card! Forgot to say, you are most welcome to our SIBOL Thank you card!
    love Suex