Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The socks that became leggins.....

After promising my daughter that I would make her some winter socks I downloaded a pattern from one of the many blog sites offering their own patterns. Unfortunately when I reached the stage of creating the foot area I found I had far too many stitches.  I re-checked the pattern to discover I missed a short sentence.  Decrease of rows.... Unfortunately it didn't tell me how many stitches to decrease per line or overall. I'm sure the writer had made these socks many times and quite successfully.  However without the addition of a crystal ball i was snookered.   So the socks became leg warmers... Ah well beats unpicking them and starting again

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  1. so cute! I would think these would be much easier to make too. My Granddaughter would love them!! She is 4 and loves things like this to dress up in!! May be next year I will get time and incentive? Hey, sorry it was so cold at the beach where you live. My pictures on spindle cottage looked cold, but it really was quite warm as we live in SC!