Thursday, 18 November 2010


I'm a real blog tart, I get enticed to one site (usually by a photograph...) and then jump onto another link within that case it has something even more interesting.  Anyway that's how I found Mrs Twins and her wonderful work with SIBOL.  Take a peek and see some of the blankets she has been making up with the help of blogs from all around the world.   SIBOL  I have made a few squares and the are ready for posting and adding to her second Eaton blanket.

While in the mood to make squares I did a few more.  This time for a healing blanket.  The organiser and assembler can be found at Channelle's Crochet Creations Lets just hope they have room for a few more!


  1. Welcome to Healing Blankets. Channelle is a bit ill and those squares will help her feel better. She is a wonderful lady and you do the most wonderful work.
    I wish I lived back in UK.
    Have a great afternoon and thanks for joining.

  2. Good Morning Jayne,
    I'm so pleased to be telling you your Squares have arrived! They are gorgeous!
    I've made you a slide show, hope you enjoy please pop over to SIBOL when you have chance.
    and....Thank you! our New SIBOLETTE!
    lOVE sUEX