Wednesday, 17 November 2010

To Tenerife and Back

Well only been back a week and the tan is already peeling.  Had a great break though and managed to get a coat and two hats made while away.  I changed the button choice several times but ended up with  the heart ones. I bought the wool off ebay. (It was sold as double knit but was definitely an aran thickness).

It is for a 6 year old (looks a bit out of scale on the photo).  It has bell sleeves which I thought would make a change. Lets hope Willow likes it !

  I telephoned the airline before I went to check if I could take knitting or crochet on the plane. I was told both were banned and had to put everything in the hold suitcase.  What a waste 8 hours in total (plus airport waiting time of around 5 hours (yep flights delayed).  I appreciate that the needles could have been used by another passenger to do some harm but a plastic crochet hook? come on that's taking it a bit too far.  Instead I had to use the time reading the latest Kate Mosse going out (The Winter Ghosts) and finally got around to reading Labyrinth - Kate Moss coming home, two brilliant books. 

I have also recently completed another baby blanket. I hope you like it.

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  1. What a bummer! The last time I flew I called and was told I could have my crochet hook AND scissors with me. I was amazed since the time before it was a no-no. WOnder if things have gottnn tougher again?

    Like you said, what a waste of good crocheting time.

    :0{ paula